Get your heart pumping with the best downhill mountain biking locations in the US

There is no shortage across the United States for mountain biking trails that narrowing the best is challenging. There are many, so just grab your pack, map, gas up your truck, and dive into the best downhill mountain biking locations in the US.

Mills Peak in California, Downieville

California is the most loved place as the state is big offering best trails. Mills Peak is a classic downhill that is regarded as a hidden gem. It drops over 8.5 miles for 3000 feet featuring never-ending flow and the bend turns through fragrant pine forest. This peak was built keeping in mind the bikes that mountain bikers enjoy coming here.

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South Boundary in New Mexico, Taos

Thinking about New Mexico, the desert vistas and cacti images come to your mind. The terrain is diverse. South Boundary features classic high-alpine and is a great place to go on the bike as a big day out. It passes through terrain in variety from high-alpine meadows to rocky shale and aspen groves. There are different loops based on whether you want to have or not a shuttle, how much you wish to climb, the time you want to be, etc.

Mckenzie River trail in Oregon, Blue River

There is no shortage of must-ride trails in Blue River that everyone accepts the trail as the crown jewel of this state. It is over an hour beyond the bike-crazy bend a little in Blue River that you must plan a time to stop to take pictures. This is a 26-mile long trail downhill passing through abundant foliage offering 300-year old trees shade and watch the waterfalls across lava fields, dropping into crystal clear lakes.

Osberg Ridgeline Trail in Idaho, Sun Valley

The Sun Valley of Idaho features a 20-mile radius town and has access of singletrack for more than 400 miles and paved bike paths for 30 miles, besides lift-assistance on Bald Mountain and two bike parks. There are stunning mountain views and the entire area has a vibe of being a bike-town, that it is seen on earth as the heaven for mountain bikers. Just go directly to the Osberg Ridgeline trail, you will find a 12-mile adventure point-to-point in the backcountry. This place offers fun riding and a flowy experience as it exposes the entire way with jaw-dropping views. Also, there is a descent for 3000 foot into town, connecting Adams Gulch that is a do-not-miss spot to hit the Forbidden Fruit that is a standalone one-mile loop.

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